Creative instruments for video synthesis and analog image processing.

System Build Examples

Starter System 1

“This system assumes you have no other EuroRack modular gear or oscillator sources.  The inclusion of an oscillator like Prismatic Ray really brings shapes and video to life. Staircase is the fastest way to create patterns and visual complexity.  The ability to patch a ramp output from Visual Cortex into Staircase and use Prismatic Ray as a primary modulation source makes this a complex, fun and low cost way to step into LZX.” – Sam Newell

Prismatic RayStaircaseVisual Cortex

Total HP Width, 52HP
+12V Power Consumption, 370mA (0.37 A)
-12V Power Consumption, 390mA (0.39 A)

Starter System 2

“The most minimal configuration I could recommend, this system assumes you are expanding an existing EuroRack modular synthesizer which includes oscillators and other modulation sources. Bridge provides a scaling interface between your video and audio modules. Bridge also allows you to fade and mix ramps from Visual Cortex, which can then be processed by Staircase. With the Visual Cortex Colorizer & Compositor you can create many interesting patches from a very small system.” – Sam Newell

BridgeStaircaseVisual Cortex

Total HP Width, 44HP
+12V Power Consumption, 280mA (0.28 A)
-12V Power Consumption, 330mA (0.33 A)

Basic System 1

“Building off of the Starter System 1, this layout introduces Shapechanger and Color Chords. The addition of Shapechanger instantly takes you out of solely making patterns and into the ability to generate complex and stunning shapes which can be mixed with patterns using Color Chords. Color Chords lets you dive deeper into the amazing analog color mixing capabilities that the LZX system provides, and gives you multiple layers to play with. This is important because of the vast amounts of possibilities within the Shapechanger + Staircase combination. Patching RGB out respectively into A or B on the Visual Cortex Compositor allows you to fine tune and filter through colors producing stunning combinations.” – Sam Newell

Prismatic RayShapechangerStaircaseColor ChordsVisual Cortex

Total HP Width, 84HP
+12V Power Consumption, 630mA (0.63 A)
-12V Power Consumption, 650mA (0.65 A)

Basic System 2

As Basic System 1, but building off of Starter System 2.

ShapechangerBridgeBridgeStaircaseColor ChordsVisual Cortex

Total HP Width, 84HP
+12V Power Consumption, 570mA (0.57 A)
-12V Power Consumption, 610mA (0.61 A)

6U System

Prismatic RayPrismatic RayPrismatic RayStaircaseVisual CortexNavigatorShapechangerCurtainDoorwayBridgeBridgeColor Chords

Total HP Width, 168HP
+12V Power Consumption, 1210mA (1.21 A)
-12V Power Consumption, 1140mA (1.14 A)

12U System

Prismatic RayPrismatic RayPassagePassagePrismatic RayPrismatic RayNavigatorShapechangerStaircaseStaircaseShapechangerNavigatorCurtainDoorwayBridge2HP Blank PanelVisual CortexBridgeDoorwayCurtainSensory TranslatorColor ChordsMapperMapperColor ChordsCyclops

Total HP Width, 336HP
+12V Power Consumption, 2360mA (2.36 A)
-12V Power Consumption, 2210mA (2.21 A)