Creative instruments for video synthesis and analog image processing.

Video Peripherals & Accessories

Video Display

We recommend sourcing an old CRT television or broadcast monitor for the full effect, but any display with NTSC/PAL or Component video inputs will work.Sony Video MonitorVintage Sony Broadcast Monitor.

Stackable Patch Cables

Stack cables or passive splitters allow you to patch to multiple input jacks from a single output jack.TipTop Stack Cable

TipTop Audio Stackcable, Assorted Lengths, $8.75 USD.
Purchase from Analogue Haven (USA) or Schneidersladen (Germany).

Component Video Camera

Optical feedback with cameras is the quickest way to generate complexity in a starter system, which is why a basic camcorder is our pick for a first video input device.Sony HDR-HC1

Sony HDR-HC1, $350 USD.
Purchase from Amazon.

Video Capture Device

A video capture device can record the output of your system. We recommend devices which can capture Component/YPbPr video for the highest quality recordings.Blackmagic Intensity ShuttleBlackmagic Intensity Shuttle for USB3.0, $199 USD.
Purchase from B&H Photo Video or Amazon.

NTSC/PAL to Component Converter

Useful for converting NTSC/PAL sources to Component video for input to Visual Cortex.
Ambery SDV1

Ambery SDV1, $80 USD.
Purchase from Ambery.

HDMI to Component Converter

Useful for converting HDMI sources to Component video for input to Visual Cortex.Universal H2CS.Universal H2CS, $55.95 USD.
Purchase from Amazon.

Component to HDMI Upscaler

Many modern displays and projectors work with digital video and HDMI/1080i as native resolutions.  This puts your high quality analog visuals at the mercy of whatever analog frontend is in the display or projector.  We recommend a high quality HDMI upscaler such as this one as a pre-conditioner and general problem solver for live performance.

Ambery HDV5

Ambery HDV5, $269 USD.
Purchase from