Creative instruments for video synthesis and analog image processing.

Expedition Starter System

Expedition Starter System

From: $1,499.00

Are you ready to get started with video synthesis?  This bundle starts with our powered Vessel Case and our core video synthesis module, Visual Cortex (which is a world of fun even by itself.) You may also add modules to the system from this page, which will be shipped at no additional charge.  Backordered modules will be moved to a separate order and will ship as they are available.  We will ship what we have in stock immediately.  We will install all modules in your Vessel case and it will come ready to plug in and get to work.  Product packaging will be flattened and included in the shipment.  We'll reach out to you after you place your order to see if you have any special requirements, and to welcome you to Team Video.  You'll be a videofreak in no time!


Required for this bundle. Our flagship EuroRack case specially designed for video synthesis systems, with hand cast polyurethane rubber bumpers and the low noise, high current output Malekko Power supply.


Visual Cortex

Required for this bundle. Our core analog video synthesis module, featuring video input, video output, compositing, shape and key generation, color effects, animation, and much more!

Staircase – optional

Transform gradients into lines and rings.

Doorway – optional

Generate beautiful analog keys and transitions with soft edges.

Arch – optional

Advanced analog logic functions.

Available on backorder (only -17 left in stock)

Navigator – optional

Rotate, spin, mirror and position video waveforms with analog computing functions.

War Of The Ants – optional

Generate analog noise and television static with control over horizontal and vertical filtering.

Shapechanger – optional

Transform horizontal and vertical waveforms into complex quadrilateral shapes that can morph continuously between different geometries.

Prismatic Ray – optional

A complex oscillator with a frequency range into the megahertz range for generating video waveforms and patterns.

Pendulum – optional

Dual crossfader and low frequency oscillators for adding animation and movement to your patch.

Available on backorder (only -14 left in stock)

Bridge – optional

Always useful utility functions for scaling, mixing, and crossfading.

Available on backorder (only -10 left in stock)

Color Chords – optional

Add color to your waveforms and patterns with this RGB matrix mixer.

Curtain – optional

Analog temporal processing allows blurring, sharpening, and outline extraction from shapes and images.

Cyclops – optional

Output any synthesizer voltages or audio to an ILDA standard RGB laser projector.

Liquid TV – optional

Put a display inside your synth for previewing the internal workings of your patches.

Passage – optional

Triple utility processor and mixer has too many uses to count, including control of the brightness and contrast of RGB signals.

Polar Fringe – optional

Unique analog chroma key generator approaches color selection via a soft-edged circle in the hue/saturation color space.

Available on backorder (only -10 left in stock)

Marble Index – optional

Layer and composite up three separate RGB images with complex analog blending modes and effects.

Available on backorder (only -14 left in stock)

Sensory Translator – optional

Turn any audio signal or sound (using the internal microphone) into an array of frequency-dependent envelopes for animating your video patch and visualizing audio waveforms.

Mapper – optional

A powerful color processor capable of translating a linear voltage into a color hue via polar-to-cartesian waveshaping.