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  • What laser projector I should buy to use with Cyclops?
    Cyclops was designed as an interface for the ILDA (International Laser Display Association) I/O specification. Any laser projector with the DB25 ILDA standard input port will work correctly when interfacing with Cyclops.

External Devices

  • How do I connect two or more video input sources?
    Currently, the Visual cortex can do input decoding for one camera or video input without the need of genlock synchronization. If you need 2 or more cameras, and your camera supports genlock input, you can use one of the composite outputs of Visual Cortex as a genlock signal to your camera. Please make sure any camera you are using can send/receive NTSC/480i or PAL/576i. Soon we will release a new time base corrector module which greatly simplifies external interfacing with multiple input feeds.
  • How can I interface with an HDMI projector?
    Some projectors contain analog component or composite inputs, but they often use low quality analog-to-digital converters. For the best possible performance, we recommend a high quality Analog to HDMI upscaler. You will find recommendations we have tested on our video peripherals page. This will allow you to send a very high quality HDMI signal from your system to the projector or any display with HDMI input.
  • Why is my external video source scrolling?
    Depending on the module(s) being used or external video source its always related to video synchronization. Either the system is not setup correctly for sync to be distributed for all of the modules that require sync or the video being sent to the input decoder is the wrong video format or resolution. Please submit a support ticket and list all gear in use so we can help you diagnose the issue. If Visual Cortex is receiving a video signal external source, the lock sync status LED in the top left of the module should indicate green when syncing from that source. If it is Red, then it is not able to lock to the external source and you should check that your external video source is sending at 480i. If you are certain your external camera/video source is sending at 480i, but the Visual Cortex sync indicator is still red, try using another cable as it may be the issue. Make sure the monitor, projector etc that you are using to view the LZX system is at 480i.

Liquid TV

  • My Liquid TV has a dead pixel, can I return it?
    Liquid TV uses a fairly low cost display intended for automotive rearview backup monitoring and similar applications. Some monitors may have 1-3 pixels that show up as white or black. What you are paying for in the module's price is the specialty preview driving circuitry. If your Liquid TV shows up to 3 dead pixels we consider this to be within acceptable operating conditions for the module and will not consider it broken for the purposes of warranty repairs and returns. If your display has other cosmetic issues or displays 4 or more dead pixels, please contact us for a warranty repair request and we will gladly repair or replace the module's display.
  • Rotation Control Not Working
    If your Navigator's rotation angle / spin speed control is unresponsive or demonstrates intermittent behavior (such as working sometimes after the system has warmed up), this issue is due to a production problem with our first assembly batch in December 2016.  Please open a new warranty repair ticket so we can arrange to repair or replace your module.

Patching Techniques

  • Do I need a video rate buffered multiple?
    No. LZX modules are designed to be able to use passive mults and stacking cables.

Performance Issues

  • My module is not powering on or doing anything
    If for some reason you have received a module and it is not working in your case, and you have confirmed you have correctly connected the power module, please contact [email protected] to have the issue resolved with our support team.
  • Why is my video output very noisy?
    This usually means you are using a EuroRack power supply that uses a switching topology. Please review our recommended list of power supplies that we have tested to provide good performance for video synthesizers. If you are using a recommended power supply from our list and still seeing noise, please contact our support desk with your system details and an image or video demonstrating the issue.


  • How should I attach a VESA mount to my Vessel case?
    We have tested Ergotron Neo-Flex Touchscreen Stand and Ergotron Quick-Release LCD Bracket with good results. We are looking to expand on this list and are currently testing more options. If you’ve tried something besides what we recommend please let us know so we add to our options.