About LZX Industries

LZX Industries is a Texan/Australian partnership drawn together by mutual obsession with early video art, and frustration with the lack of available hardware products for modular video synthesis and processing. The goal of LZX Industries is to provide highly functional, professional tools for interacting with video signals in a hardware context at a price point within the grasp of the independent artist.

With its beginnings as a DIY project, the LZX Visionary video synthesizer is now a full system which can be integrated with other synthesizer modules in the EuroRack format. Our system design philosophy is to provide maximum flexibility, complete patchability, and a strong functional identity within each system component. Our priority is to continue to integrate the functionality of legacy video hardware from the golden age of video art into the system, while pushing new boundaries where possible. We plan to release dozens of new LZX Visionary modules and standalone devices in the coming years.

  • Ed Leckie

    Owner / Engineer

    Ed Leckie is an Electronics Engineer with a professional background in image processing technologies, and a lifetime love for synthesizers and electronic music. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife Suzi and sons Felix & Theo. Ed is part of the electro duo Bleepin’ J Squawkins.
  • Lars Larsen

    Owner / Engineer

    Lars Larsen holds a degree in Radio, Television & Film from the University of North Texas, with professional experience in web application development, video post-production and vintage synthesizer repair. He loves video art which invokes fantastical landscapes and environments. Lars lives in Denton, Texas with his wife Heather, daughters Anaïs & Leni, son Loki, a few bookcases of Dungeons & Dragons books, and several species of amphibians.