Visual Cortex Now Available!

More details on our new core module on the Visual Cortex page.

LZX Visual Cortex module announcement

Production & Availability Update

The past 18 months have been distracted for us here at LZX Industries, due to big changes in both of our lives. We’ve been doing our best to keep up with production, but we know many of you have been waiting on the core modules required to start your systems (Color Video Encoder & Video Sync Generator) for several months now. We are working to make these available again ASAP, as well as new releases we’ve been prototyping. Thank you so much for your patience. We’re very excited to launch into a new era of LZX in 2014.

Here is a consolidated list of currently in stock and out of stock items.

In stock at Analogue Haven:
8 Stage Video Quantizer & Sequencer
Audio Frequency Decoder
Color Time Base Corrector
Differentiator (assembled and DIY kit)
Function Generator (assembled and DIY kit)
Sync Bus Bridge Cable
Triple Video Fader & Key Generator
Triple Video Interface
Triple Video Multimode Filter
Video Blending Matrix
Video Divisions
Video Flip Flops
Video Logic
Video Ramps
Video Sync Distribution Chain Cable
Voltage Bridge

Out of stock:
BitVision (assembled and DIY kit)
Color Video Encoder
Colorspace Mapper
Triple Video Processor
Video Sync Generator
Video Waveform Generator
Voltage Interface I

Other distributors (Modular Square, Fukusan Kigyo and Equinox Oz) have small amounts of stock or are entirely sold out. We will be restocking everything as soon as possible and concentrating more on documentation and user resources soon.

LZX Industries Analogue Video Primer – Part 1

We have produced an educational video introducing the basics of analogue video specifically for individuals interested in using our video synthesis system. Please let us know if it was useful to you!

LZX PatchTool Documentation App

We’re proud to announce the initial release of LZX PatchTool, a free web app for documenting your patches with the LZX Visionary modular video synthesizer. It’s also a great educational tool, since you can simulate getting “hands on” with the system before purchasing.

View LZX PatchTool 1.0 Online
Download LZX PatchTool 1.0 for offline use

Please e-mail us with your comments and feature requests! We plan to be improving this and other user resources looking forward.

Core Modules Availability

Color Video Encoder and Video Sync Generator, the two core modules of the LZX Visionary modular video synthesis system, are currently out of stock with our dealer Analogue Haven. We are in the middle of a new production run of these two modules and will have them restocked by the end of the Summer. Additionally, these and other modules will soon be available via various international distributors. Thanks for your patience with us and as always, please e-mail if you have any questions!

LZX Industries at Moduluxxx/Dorkbot Sydney

Moduluxxx is a modular synthesis mini-festival being held in Sydney, Australia on April 27th and 28th. Ed Leckie from LZX Industries will be presenting our modules as part of its Dorkbot Sydney event on 28th April, 3pm – 6pm at Serial Space. We’re very excited to be part of this fantastic event! You can discover more details about the event at their website,

A quick look at Triple Video Multimode Filter

LZX Industries at NAMM 2012

We’re very excited about NAMM 2012 coming up next week in Anaheim, CA. We’ll be exhibiting a large LZX Visionary modular video synthesis system at the Analogue Haven booth (Booth #1270, Hall E). If you’ll be there, we hope to see you!

New York Video Synthesis Workshop & Showcase

LZX Industries will be in Brooklyn, New York this December to present a demonstration of the LZX Visionary modular video synthesizer. Following the demonstration will be a discussion on video art history and techniques, as well as performances and screenings of works by video artists using the system such as Tommy DOG (The Brain People) and Johnny Woods. Expect a casual atmosphere with plenty of time for open discussion and hands on exploration of the modular system — as well as the opportunity to discuss more advanced techniques for those of you using the systems already. Everyone is welcome!

Glasslands Gallery, 289 Kent Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211
December 18th, 1PM – 6PM
$15 Admission

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